Upcoming Events

***Calling all Grad students***

GSG townhall was postponed due to snow condition, but we need your help to better prepare for an update meeting with the President’s Cabinet meeting happening soon. We will do our best to incorporate feedback and plan suggestions and action items!

Please use this form, (closing on November 28th)

Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

Library openhouse

Stop by the library on August 31st, 1-3pm. Chat with our officers, grab some swags and learn about ways to get involved!

GEM mentoring program:

A GSG program that pairs new graduate students with experienced students at Mines!

Professional workshops:

A workshop series designed to help graduate students succeed.

2022 Fall BBQ

Mark your calendar! Fall BBQ will be happening on September 1st, 3-7pm

What’s Your Beef?

Do you have concerns or questions? Take a second and check our meeting minutes, we might have discussed similar issues already! Meeting minutes here.

Additionally, GSG has partnered with USG to create a new forum for graduate students to voice their concerns, so we can better serve you. Simply click the logo on the right, use “Graduate Students” link under “Give Feedback” to post, vote, or comment.

Last but not least, you can always reach out to your department rep or any executive board officer, find more info at “Working with GSG” tab.



The departments/programs listed below have failed to provide a GSG representative despite repeated warnings from GSG. Per GSG bylaws, all graduate students in these departments/programs are ineligible to receive GSG grant funds, social funds, and financial assistance:

Advanced Manufacturing

Electrical Engineering

Space Resources

Underground Construction and Tunneling

General Council Meetings

General council meetings are held every other Monday at 5:15 pm in Marquez Hall 222, and are open to the public.

Fall 2022 Meeting Schedule:

August 29

September 12

September 26

October 10

October 24

November 7

December 5

Opportunity to give and receive additional support!

The Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network is a network of Coloradans providing direct aid and assistance to those who need it most during these challenging times. Check out their website to get involved or request additional support.

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