What’s Your Beef?

GSG has partnered with USG to create a new forum for graduate students to voice their concerns and feedback about all things Mines. This platform allows you to post new concerns, vote on existing issues, and comment on other’s posts as well. We encourage you to use this platform to share your comments and concerns with GSG, so we can better serve you, the Mines graduate students, and improve the Mines experience for all.

Once on the What’s Your Beef site, simply click the “Graduate Students” link under “Give Feedback” to post, vote, or comment.


The departments/programs listed below have failed to provide a GSG representative despite repeated warnings from GSG. Per GSG bylaws, all graduate students in these departments/programs are ineligible to receive GSG grant funds, social funds, and financial assistance:

Advanced Manufacturing

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Economics and Business

Electrical Engineering

Space Resources

Underground Construction and Tunneling


GSG Creates New Officer and Representative Positions

GSG has officially approved the creation of two new executive officer positions: the International Students Officer and the Equity Chair. GSG has also approved the creation of a new Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) representative position.

Call to Action to Improve DI&A Policies and Practices at Mines

This summer the Mines Graduate Student Government presented a Call to Action Letter (linked below) to President Johnson, the Mines Administration, and the Mines DI&A council. Student organizations representing Underrepresented Groups were solicited for input in the formation of this document.


GSG BLM 2020 Call to Action

General Council Meetings

General council meetings are held every other Monday at 5:15 pm in the Starzer Welcome Center Wagner Board Room and are open to the public.


Spring 2022 Meeting Schedule:

January 24

February 7

February 28

March 14

March 28

April 11

April 25

May 9

Meeting Agendas (Zoom links within)

Past Meeting Minutes


Opportunity to give and receive additional support!

The Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network is a network of Coloradans providing direct aid and assistance to those who need it most during these challenging times. Check out their website to get involved or request additional support.

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