Contact the GSG Officers and Representatives

The GSG is composed of an Executive Council and a General Council. The Executive Council is elected in the Spring of each year, according to our bylaws, and is comprised of nine positions: President, Vice President, Director of Finance, Director of Communications,  Director of Academic Affairs, Director of Engagement, Director of Equity & Outreach, Director of International Student Affairs, and Director of Media and Marketing. General Council members are elected from within each degree-granting department or college, during the first colloquium meeting of the year; Department Heads may also appoint a Department Representative if needed.

2022-2023 Executive Officers

President: Yifei (Rena) Zhu

Vice President: Joseph Briggs

Treasurer: Joshua Worley

Director of Communications: Sara Russo

Director of Academic Affairs: Lauren Guido

Director of Engagement: Kathleen Tomon

Director of Equity & Outreach: Adrian Mendonsa

Director of Media & Marketing: Alexandra Bejarano

Board of Trustees Representative: Grace Ary


The departments/programs listed below have failed to provide a GSG representative despite repeated warnings from GSG. Per GSG bylaws, all graduate students in these departments/programs are ineligible to receive GSG grant funds, social funds, and financial assistance:

Advanced Manufacturing

2023-2024 General Council


Department Representative
Advanced Energy Systems Anisha Sharma
Advanced Manufacturing LOST
Applied Mathematics and Statistics Antony Sikorski/Brandon Knutson
Chemical and Biological Engineering Nooruddin Rahman
Chemistry and Geochemistry Kaitlin Lesco/Galen Dennis
Civil and Environmental Engineering Abigail Heath/Aron Griffin
Computer Science Jonathan Diller
Economics and Business Karen Lopez
Electrical Engineering Trevor Long
Data Science LOST
Geology and Geological Engineering Ellie Miller
Geophysics Jared Low
Humanitarian Engineering Wyatt Lindsey
Hydrologic Science and Engineering LOST
Materials Science Wallis Scholl
Mechanical Engineering Quin Guy
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering James Frishkoff
Mining Engineering Emilee Sloan
Natural Resources & Energy Policy Tinzar Htun/Conner O’Reilly
Nuclear Science  Jaden Zymbaluk
Operations Research with Engineering John Ayaburi
Petroleum Engineering Gizem Hazal
Physics Claudia Schrama/Paul Niyonkuru
Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering Sandra Gomez Romero
Space Resources Daniel Johnson
Underground Construction and Tunneling Diana Diaz
Multicultural Engineering Program Indiana Sjahputera
Internation Student Council David Nworie

Department Representatives: Submit funding requests for your department by emailing the GSG treasurer at

2023-2024 Committee Reps

External Committees GSG Reps
Calendar Committee Maggie Bailey
Campus Culture & Mental Health (2) Lauren Miller
Jayden Zymbaluk/Sara Russo
CSMAA BOD Liam Witteman
Classroom Equipment Committee Wyatt Lindsey
Faculty Senate Liam Witteman
Faculty Senate Library Committee Aaron Griffin
Faculty Senate Faculty Awards Committee (Spring) Lauren Miller
Financial Hardship and Leniency Noah Sandoval
Grad Student Housing Casey Gilliams
Graduate Council Liam Witteman
Graduate Orientation Liam Witteman
Parking Advisory Committee Megan Shepherd
Research Integrity and Security (RISC) James Frishkoff
Research Council Jonathan Diller
Smoking Policy Committee Fatih Aranoglu
Student Conduct Appeals (3) Megan Shepherd
Wallis Scholl
Adam Keating/Sara Russo
Sustainability Committee Nicolas Pesci/Allison Perna
Technology Fee (2) Hayden Cooreman
Tyler Sodia
Internal Committees

GSG Reps

DEI (4) John Ayaburi
Aaron Griffin
Rena Zhu
Liam Witteman
Keerthana Krishnan
Future Faculty Program (5) Tyler Sodia
Megan Shepherd
Sara Wariz
Lauren Miller
Fernando Rojas
Joseph Briggs
Academic Affairs (3) Corey Randall
Josh Worley
Isabella Mendoza
Gold Mine/Grant (4) Chiang Cheng Siew
Fatih Aranoglu
John Ayaburi
Adam Keating
Josh Worley
Grad Student Life

Allison Perna / Abigail Heath

Dr. Jennifer Briggs

Wyatt Lindsey
Isabella Mendoza / Lauren miller
Corey Randall / Fernando Rojas
Megan Shepherd / Sara Warix
James Frishkoff / Adrian Mendonsa

Joseph Briggs
ISO Committee (4) Liam Witteman
Stephen Thoemmes
Abigail Heath
Genevieve Stelmacovich
Adrian Mendonsa
Engagement Committee (3) Genevieve Stelmacovich
Emily Holt
Maggie Bailey
Rena Zhu
Megan Shephard
Photography Committee Nicolas Pesci
Hayden Cooreman
Maddie Macmillan