GSG Grant Programs

all available funds have been granted to applicants for SPRING 2023, we will update status of FALL 2023 applications soon. 

The Graduate Student Government recognizes that a fundamental way in which it can support graduate students is through various grant/fellowship programs to promote research, travel, and graduate life. We are always interested in feedback on our grant programs, to ensure they are meeting the needs of Mines graduate students. Please contact a GSG Council Member if you have ideas for new grant programs or improvements to existing grant programs.

For any questions regarding grants please contact the GSG Treasurer Joshua Worley (

The grant application portals are back online!

Travel Grant Application

Family Assistance Grant Application

Lecture Series Grant Application


Please find further details on each grant below.


The GSG promotes the professional development of Mines’s graduate student population. Therefore, GSG encourages each graduate student to apply for the one-time travel grant during their degree. The travel grant is broken down into two types of support, covering the cost of attending ($200) and/or presenting ($500) at a conference. The student may combine the attender & presenter portion of the grant in one application to receive a total of $700. For students choosing to travel internationally for a conference, GSG will cover an additional $250. The maximum possible award is $950 for attending & presenting at a conference abroad.

Acceptance of a GSG travel grant requires completion of a Conference Report within 30 days of travel.  Conference reports may be in a variety of formats and should be emailed directly to the GSG Treasurer. The conference report consists of a 250 word description of the attendee’s experience as well as three photos from the trip, one of which must show the applicant presenting their material if awarded the presenter grant. Alternatively, awardees may post a photo of their poster/presentation/travel in general on social media, tagging and thanking GSG for the grant.

If interested in applying, please complete the travel grant application. Travel grants are reviewed and awarded on the first Tuesday of each month.

The total amount of travel grant funding available per semester is determined by the GSG Council.  Once these funds are exhausted, no further travel grants will be approved without additional appropriations by the GSG Council.

Meeting Attendee Travel Grant ($200)

Graduate students are eligible to receive one Meeting Attendee Travel Grant per degree program (e.g. MS or Ph.D.), and the funds may be applied toward attending or presenting at a conference or professional meeting. Students may apply for grants at any point in the academic year.

Presenter Travel Grant ($500)

Graduate students are eligible to receive one GSG Presenter Travel Grant per degree program (e.g. MS or Ph.D.), and the funds may be applied only toward presenting at a conference or professional meeting. Students may apply for grants at any point in the academic year.

Please Note: Each type of grant will only be awarded once per degree program. Before you apply, please be sure you will attend the conference/meeting for which you plan to apply the grant to.

Family Assistance Grant ($1000 / semester)

The Family Assistance Grant is intended to help defray the costs of child care services for graduate students attending Colorado School of Mines with children.  This grant is funded by the Graduate Student Government (GSG).  Grant awards through this program are made semi-annually (Fall and Spring semester disbursement only).  Currently, the amount of the award is $1,000/semester, for a total of $2,000 per academic year.

Download detailed parameters for the GSG Family Assistance Grant

GSG Lecture Series Grant ($1,500 maximum)

The Colorado School of Mines GSG is committed to supporting opportunities that better the academic graduate experience, including on-campus academic programming.  To apply for funding from the Graduate Student Government, the proposed lecture should benefit and enhance CSM graduate research.  Requests will be evaluated on an individual basis, and emphasis will be given to initiatives that (1) reach the most graduate students; (2) further the research experience or opportunities of graduate students; and (3) promote CSM’s Institutional Values and Principles for graduate education. Overall, grants will be awarded for lectures which reach multiple research groups within the campus.

The Lecture Series Grant application requires authorization from both the GSG Department Representative and your local Department Head. Applications can be found here. Completed applications may be scanned and emailed to the GSG Treasurer (Liam Witteman, or the applicant may present their application in person at the next GSG Council meeting.  Applications will be considered by the GSG Council, and applicants will be notified within three (3) weeks of the Council’s decision.  In submitting an application, the submitter agrees to work with the department to secure all travel arrangements for the presenter and take responsibility for room reservations, catering, marketing, and any other activities required to organize and present the lecture.




Completion Fellowships (formerly known as Continuance Fellowships) are offered by the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) to cover 1 credit of tuition, fees, and insurance for thesis-based students in the final semester of their MS or PhD program, whose prior continuous funding (e.g. via RA, TA, fellowship contract, or external sponsorship) is no longer available due to unforeseen circumstances.

All U.S. and international students must be enrolled for a minimum of 1 credit in the final semester of their degree program. If the student, advisor, and department/program have no other financial resources available for the minimum required 1 unit of tuition, fees, and insurance, Completion Fellowships are intended to provide this last resort assistance, to enable the student to complete all requirements for his/her degree. Completion Fellowships do not include stipends for living expenses.

Applications for Completion Fellowships are accepted for fall, spring, and summer. Students may receive the fellowship only once.

To be eligible for these fellowships, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have received prior continuous support via RA, TA, fellowship, or external sponsorship that covered tuition, fees, health insurance (unless waived), and stipend in all Fall and Spring terms
  2. Are entering the final semester of their thesis-based degree program (i.e. student has met all requirements except completion of their thesis, is eligible for reduced registration and will graduate by the end of the semester for which the fellowship is awarded)
  3. Are in good academic standing
  4. Have not previously been awarded this fellowship
  5. Have experienced significant unforeseen circumstances that have led to lack of support for tuition & fees (e.g. withdrawal of sponsorship funding; discontinuation of a research grant; medical emergency; family emergency; extended lab closure or lack of access to work sites due to COVID-19. These circumstances must be described and documented by the student and/or their advisor, as applicable)

In Fall 2021, Completion Fellowships will provide students with coverage of 1 credit of tuition and the associated fees, plus health insurance if the student has not waived Mines student health insurance. Tuition and fee charges are posted by the Bursar’s Office here. Frequently Asked Questions about Completion Fellowship support will be coming soon. Additional questions may be directed to Assistant Dean Jenny Briggs: If a fellowship is awarded, OGS will work with department/program staff to share the appropriate financial information for the student’s contract.

Application Information/Deadlines: Applications should be addressed to the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and submitted electronically to the Office of Graduate Studies at Late applications will only be considered under extenuating circumstances. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness by the Assistant Dean. The final decision will be made by the Graduate Dean based on available funds.

Applications for Fall 2022 must be submitted after August 1, 2022. Applications will be reviewed and fellowship recipients will be notified by August 26, 2022.  

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