Thesis Committee Requirements

The Advisor/Committee form is degree specific.

Master's thesis  and PhD students are required to submit the form prior to submitting the Degree Audit form.  Before forming a committee and submitting the fom, make sure to read the Advisor/Committee requirementsPDF versionText only version.

A detailed description of how to change advisors and committees


The Advisor/Committee form must be submitted to:

  • change an advisor
  • form a committee
  • change a committee

The form:

  • Must be submitted prior to the Degree Audit form
  • Must be submitted for every degree. Students in both an  MS thesis and a PhD or 2 MS thesis degrees must submit a committee form for each degree.
  • Must be submitted every time a committee changes

Advisor/Committee changes:

  • Advisor must always sign form
  • Department head must always sign the form
  • Any advisor/committee member being removed must sign the form
  • Any new committee member must sign the form.
  • Committee members who signed the original form and are remaining on the committee in the same position need to be listed on the form, but do not need to sign the form again

Masters' non-thesis students only need to submit the form if changing advisors.

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