Thesis Committee Requirements

The Advisor/Committee form is degree specific.

Master's thesis  and PhD students are required to submit the form prior to submitting the Degree Audit form.  Before forming a committee and submitting the fom, make sure to read the Advisor/Committee requirementsPDF versionText only version.

The Advisor/Committee form must be submitted to:

  • change an advisor
  • form a committee
  • change a committee

The form:

  • Should be submitted by 2nd semester in program
  • Must be submitted prior to the Degree Audit form
  • Must be submitted for every degree. Students in both an  MS thesis and a PhD must submit a committee form for each degree.
  • Must be submitted every time a committee changes

Advisor/Committee changes:

  • Advisor must always sign form
  • Department head must always sign the form
  • Any advisor/committee member being removed must sign the form
  • Any new committee member must sign the form.
  • Committee members who signed the original form and are remaining on the committee need to be listed on the form, but do not need to sign the form again
  • As a general rule, changes should not be made within:
    • MS:  final semester
    • PhD:  final year

Masters' non-thesis students only need to submit the form if:

  • changing advisors
  • adding or changing a minor representative

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