Withdraw from Graduate School

To officially withdraw from The Colorado School of Mines, a graduate student must communicate directly with the Graduate Dean or process a withdrawal form through the Graduate Office. The Withdraw from Graduate School Form initiates a request from a student to withdraw from The Colorado School of Mines Graduate School. Students who do not register for a fall or spring semester and do not submit either the Withdraw from Graduate School Form or a Leave of Absence Form will be inactivated. Inactivated students who return to CSM at a later date will be assessed a $200 re-admission fee.  

To make this request:   

  • Download the Withdraw from Graduate School Form,  Do not use this form to withdraw from one program/degree. To withdraw from one program, but continue with another program at CSM, use the Withdraw From a Program Form.
  • Complete the form, print it, obtain signatures from your department and the international office (if applicable). Then the student will sign the form and submit to the Office of Graduate Studies by no later than the last day of class of the semester in which you wish to withdraw. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Students withdrawing from school AND dropping credits:

  • Submit completed form with all signatures to OGS by 5:00pm on census day
    • To drop credits
    • Have the record removed from your transcript and
    • Receive a full refund
  • Forms received after 5:00pm on census day
    • Credits are withdrawn, so you will not recieve a grade
    • "W" (withdrawal) will be noted on your transcript
    • You may recieve a partial refund or no refund, depending on when the form is submitted.

The Office of Gradaute Studies will notify all necessary parties that you are withdrawing, but you may also need to contact departments. 

International Students are required to contact the Office of International Studies bsamter@mines.edu

Financial Aid: Student receiving or who have received financial aid are required to contact the Office of Financial Aid  finaid@mines.edu

Student Contracts: Students who are on a CSM contract must contact Financial Aid, your department and payroll  finaid@mines.edu

Health Insurance: Students who are on the CSM health insurance must contact the Health Insurance Office  kebeling@mines.edu

Veterans: Students who are receiving veterans benefits must contact the Registrar's Office registrar@mines.edu

Student Housing:  Students living in Mines housing only must contact Residence Life housing@mines.edu

Library - Students must return all library property. Questions may be directed to:  libcirc@mines.edu

Student Receivables: Students must pay off any balance due. Questions may be directed to: sturecv@mines.edu

Key Shop: Students who have CSM key must return them before leaving campus. Questions may be directed to: bdickman@mines.edu