Registration Requirements - Reduced Registration - Approved

To be put on reduced registration, students must:

  • Register for:
    • 4 credits of research –or-
    • 3 credits of research + 1 credit of any of the following:
      • CBEN 605 (Chemical & Biological Engineering major only)
      • CHGN 560 OR 660 (Chemistry major only)
      • NUGN 505 (Nuclear Engineering major only)
      • PHGN 501, 502, 601 OR 602  (Physics major only)

Students on reduced registration may register for more than 4 credits, but less than 9 credits (must still meet requirement above).

Students on reduced registration will pay the tuition and fee rate for the number of credits registered.

Please note: At the end of every year, students receive a 1099T for taxes. Although reduced registration makes you look like you are a full-time student, for tax purpose, your 1099T will indicate that you are a part-time student.

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