Registration Policies

Registration policies are summarized below. More detailed explanations of the policies appear in the Graduate School Catalog. If the policies published on this page are in disagreement with those published in the Graduate Catalog, the Graduate Catalog takes precedence.

General Registration Requirements

The normal full load for graduate students is 9 credit hours per term. Special cases outlined below include first-year international students who must receive special instruction to improve their language skills, and students who have completed their credit-hour requirements and are working full time on their thesis.

Full-time graduate students may register for an overload of up to 6 credit hours (up to 15 credit hours total) per term at no increase in tuition. Subject to written approval by their advisor and department head or division director, students may register for more than 15 credit hours per term by paying additional tuition at the regular part-time rate for all hours over 15. The maximum number of credits for which a student can register during the summer is 12.

Except for students meeting any of the following conditions, students may register at less than the required full-time registration.

  • International students subject to immigration requirements. This applies to international students holding J-1 and F-1 visas.
  • Students receiving financial assistance in the form of graduate teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships or hourly contracts.
  • Students enrolled in academic programs that require full-time registration. Refer to the degree program sections of this catalog to see if this applies to a particular program.

Students for whom any one of these conditions apply must register at the appropriate full-time credit hour requirement.

To remain active in their degree program, students must register continuously each fall and spring semester. If not required to register full-time, part-time students may register for any number of credit hours less than the full-time credit hour load. Students who wish to take a semester leave must complete the Leave of Absence form.

Students who fail to register for credits during the fall or spring semesters and do not submit a Leave of Absence form will be inactivated. After begin inactivated, students who wish to re-enroll will need to re-apply online and will be charged a $200.00 re-admittance fee.

Summer Registration

Summer registration is not required to maintain an active program. Students who continue to work on their degree program and utilize Mines facilities during the summer, however, must register. Students registered during the summer are assessed regular tuition and fees. New graduate students entering during the fall semester will be expected to pay full student fees for any courses taken in the summer sessions prior to the fall term of entry.

Research Registration

In addition to completing prescribed course work and defending a thesis, students in thesis-based degree programs must complete a research experience under the direct supervision of their faculty advisor. Master students must complete a minimum of 6 hours of research credit, and doctoral students must complete a minimum of 24 hours of research credit at Mines. Please see the Catalog for specific degree requirements. While completing this experience, students register for research credit under course numbers 707. Students may use previously taken research under 705 & 706. Faculty assign grades indicating satisfactory or unsatisfactory progress based on their evaluation of the student’s work. Students registered for research during the summer semester and working on campus must pay regular tuition and thesis research fees for summer semester.

Late Registration

Students who do not register by census day may petition the Registrar's Office for late registration. If the petition is granted, a $100.00 late registration fee will be assessed.


For further information, please see the Registration Policies in the Mines Catalog.