Leave of Absence Request Form

The Leave of Absence Request form initiates a request from a student to suspend his/her degree program for up to one year. Leaves of absence are granted when it is temporarily impossible for students to continue to work toward a degree. Leave of absence requests for the current semester must be received by the Dean of Graduate Studies prior to census. Leave of absence requests for prior semesters will not be considered.

Any request for a leave of absence must be made to the Office of Graduate Studies and have the prior approval of the student’s faculty advisor, the department head or division or program director and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

The complete Leave of Absence form with all required signatures and a plan must be submitted by noon on census day. Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances. If exceptions are made and a student is dropped from all credits after census day, the student may recieve a partial refund or no refund, depending on when the form is submitted.  

The request for a leave of absence must include:

  • The Leave of Absence Request Form which indicates the reasons why the student must interrupt his or her studies.
  • Signed by:
  • A plan (including a timeline and deadlines) for resuming and completing the work toward the degree in a timely fashion.
  • Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
    • Students who submit incomplete forms will not be dropped from credits and the student will be responsible for paying any tuition and fees due.

The following departments will be notified that students will be on leave.
Financial Aid  finaid@mines.edu- If you are getting financial aid, you must contact the Financial Aid department. In addition, if you have student loans in deferment, the deferment will end.
Library libcirc@mines.edu- If you any library books, you must return them before leaving or a hold will be placed on your account. 
Student Receivables sturecv@mines.edu-If you owe any money to CSM, you must pay the balance before leaving or a hold will be placed on your account. 
Key shop bdickman@mines.edu-If you any keys, you must return them before leaving or a hold will be placed on your account. 
Health Insurance  kebeling@mines.edu-If you have CSM health insurance, you must contact the Health Insurance department before leaving. In most cases, students on leave do not qualify for CSM health insurance.
Veterans (if applicable) registrar@mines.edu-If you are receiving veterans benefits at CSM, you must contact the Registrar's Office before leaving.
Housing (if applicable)-If you are living in CSM housing, you must contact housing before leaving.

Students on leave:

  • Remain in good standing even though they are not registered for any course or research credits.
  • Are not considered active students for enrollment purposes.
  • Will not have access to Mines resources. This includes, but is not limited to, office space, computational facilities, research labs, library and faculty.

Students are limited to two, not necessarily consecutive, regular semesters of leave while in a graduate degree program at Mines. Beyond these two semesters, students needing to suspend their degree programs further are required to formally withdraw from the degree program. To continue in the degree program at a later date, candidates would need to apply, and be readmitted, into the degree program. As with all degree program applications, applications from candidates returning from a leave are reviewed by the program and considered for readmission at the sole discretion of the program.

To return from leave, students must complete the appropriate forms (see below).

Students who fail to register for a fall or spring terms and who are not on approved leaves of absence will have their degree programs terminated. Students who wish to return to graduate school after an unauthorized leave of absence must apply for readmission and pay a $200 readmission fee.

For more information, please refer to the Mines Catalog.

Parental Leave

Students wishing to take Parental Leave need to complete the Parental Leave Form, which initiates a request from a student to take a leave from their program to care for their child immediately following the birth or adoption of the child. For more information, please visit the Parental Leave of Absence page.

Withdrawing from Courses after Census

After the 11th day of classes through the 12th week, continuing students may drop any course for any reason with a grade of “W”. Graduate students in their first or second semesters at Mines have through the 14th week of that semester to drop a course. A student must process a drop-add form and pay a $5.00 fee for any change in class schedule after the first 11 days of class, except in cases of withdrawal from school. Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office.

After the 12th (or 14th) week, no drops are permitted except in case of withdrawal from school or for extenuating circumstances. Although you are not taking a leave of absence, we require that you fill out the Leave of Absence form and indicate on the form that you would like to withdraw from courses.

The financial impact of a withdrawal is covered in the section on “Payments and Refunds.”

Return from a Leave of Absence

To return from a leave of absence, students who completed the Leave paperwork need to submit the Return from Leave form and submit to the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS).

Students who did not submit the leave paperwork will need to re-apply online for admission. If you are unsure, please contact OGS.