Graduation Information - Walking in Graduation

Students are expected to walk in the ceremony for the term that they graduate

  • May graduates may walk in the May ceremony. ***
  • August graduates may walk in the December ceremony.
  • December graduates may walk in the December ceremony.

Students are allowed to walk in the graduation ceremony if:

For deadlines, go to Graduation Checklists and Deadlines.

***Walking in May Ceremony, but Graduating in August


This exception applies only to non-thesis students who:


  • Have applied to graduate in May
  • Have notified OGS that you will be walking in May but graduating in August
  • Have 3-6 credits to take in the summer.
    • Student must show proof of summer registration by the April 15
    • These credits could be degree requirements or prerequisites.
  • Are aware that (s)he will need to re-apply to graduate in August and checkout by the August graduation checkout deadline
  • Are aware that the degree will be awarded in August


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