Degree Requirements - Degree Audit Form

All courses required for a degree must be listed on the Degree Audit form.

  • OGS is only enforcing institutional minimum courses/research requirements, not departmental requirements.
    • Signature on Degree Audit form by advisor/committee/department head indicates that degree should be awarded based on the coursework/credits listed and any other departmental requirements have been waived.
  • Courses to be listed on the Degree Audit form
    • Any course/credit required to earn the degree
    • Unlimited graduate level credits (400, 500, 600 or 700) taken at CSM while a graduate student
      • Maximum of 9 credits of 400 level coursework
      • Maximum of 6 credits of double counted coursework.
        • Applied only to combined students in a 36-38 credit master’s degree or PhD.
      • Transfer credits (limits apply – see chart below)
        • Transfer credits from other universities:
          • OGS must have official transcripts
          • List in the transfer section on Degree Audit
        • Transfer credits from CSM - taken while undergraduate
          • Do no list in transfer sections, list in the normal 400 or 500-600 section
          • Not used towards the undergraduate degree.
        • PHD students using CSM graduate level work taken while earning an MS degree ARE NOT transfer credits.

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