Degree Requirements - Degree Audit Form Don'ts


Courses/credits that CANNOT be used towards a graduate degree AND should not be listed on the Degree Audit form.

  • Prerequisites or deficiencies
    • OGS does not monitor prerequisites or deficiencies
  • 100, 200 or 300 level courses
  • More than 9 credits of 400 level coursework
  • Coursework that was taken as an undergraduate and used towards the undergraduate degree
    • Exception made for combined students in a 36-38 credit master’s degree or PHD degree
      • Combined students in a 36-38 credit master’s degree or PHD may list a maximum of 6 credits
  • Courses with 0 credit
  • Courses with NC grades
  • Transfer courses that exceed the maximum allowed. (see transfer credit page)


All thesis based students must complete the NSF funding section. Students receiving NSF funding must state which Responsible Conduct of Research course has been taken. NSF funded students who do not complete the coursework will not be awarded a degree.

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